The Approaching Storm

Written by Jonathan Kiefer and Mark Kiefer

(Based on the book by Nora Waln)

Drawn from actual events, and a bestselling memoir by our great aunt, The Approaching Storm tells the story of Nora Waln, a young American journalist in 1930s Germany who struggles to understand her responsibilities during the Nazis’ rise to power. Brought up as a Quaker in rural Pennsylvania, Nora finds her pacifist beliefs threatened by an environment of increasingly oppressive militarism. In a crisis of faith and unable to write, she sets out to discover what drives the Nazis and who they really are. As tensions mount with her husband Ted, a British diplomat who’s made a career of avoiding confrontation, Nora becomes captivated by Claus, a handsome and disarmingly genteel young SS officer with all the strength Ted lacks. Nora sees the totality of Germany, including the quiet bravery of active resistance by scholars, artists, and even young children, and she must decide whether or not to risk everything and write the whole truth about what’s happening there.

Blood and Country

Written by Mark Kiefer

Ibrahim Aziz is an Arab-American Marine turned CIA officer struggling to adjust to life after war in New York City. Just when he thought his combat days were over, Ibrahim is pressed back into service to help stop a sinister plot to avenge the death of Osama Bin Laden. Set in motion when the US President calls an emergency summit of world leaders at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the terrorists’ plan will turn the massive stockpile of gold in the Fed’s vault into a weapon of mass destruction capable of leveling Lower Manhattan and plunging the world into chaos. Ibrahim must find and stop the madman before it’s too late, battling both the members of a long-dormant sleeper cell and his own inner demons as the escalating conflict increasingly brings back the horrors of war. But unbeknownst to all but Ibrahim’s closest comrades, he carries with him a dark secret that may be the biggest threat to the success of his mission: the terrorist mastermind is his long-estranged brother. Blood and Country explores the limits of personal sacrifice, the fine line between justice and revenge, and the meaning of honor and loyalty in the post-9/11 world.

Native Americans

Written by Mark Kiefer

Set in the exclusive resort community of Nantucket, Native Americans tells the story of Tucker Dennison, a down-on-his-luck twentysomething whose life is upended when he discovers that he’s part Wampanoag Indian, the indigenous first people of the island.  Living at home with his mother after the family’s lack of resources forces him to drop out of college, Tucker is encouraged by his African American friend Nat – who’s come for the summer to work a local historic site – to learn more about the cultural heritage he never knew he had. Befriending a Wampanoag Chief from a neighboring island, Tucker begins to understand the sacredness of land in Native American beliefs, and becomes deeply conflicted when his mother plans to sell a small parcel of land that’s been in the family for generations to a greedy developer, having become convinced that it’s the only way they can afford to send Tucker back to school.  Will Tucker honor his ancestors and persuade his mother not to sell, seemingly throwing away his only chance at a better life, or will he forsake his newfound values and take the money and run?





A brilliant young engineer arriving in San Francisco for a tech company job interview gets the ride of his life when a self-driving car traps him inside and speeds into the city.

The Other Man


On the Paris Metro late at night a British billionaire rescues a terrified young woman from a would-be stalker, only to discover that her distress is part of an elaborate plot to kidnap him and hold him for ransom. Or is it?

Baggage Claim

(Romantic Comedy)

After arriving on a long overnight flight, two travel-weary strangers try to find each other in the middle of Paris after they accidently take each other’s luggage at the airport.


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