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Mark Kiefer is a writer and filmmaker based in Boston. His short films and comedy sketches have screened at the Nantucket Film Festival, Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival, Lone Star Film Festival, New York City Independent Film Festival, Memphis Comedy Festival, Houston Comedy Festival, Baltimore Comedy Festival, Austin’s Battle of the Sketches, and the New York Film Loft’s Love Actually International Storytellers Showcase, among others. He was a producer of the indie sitcom pilot M.V. Blues (mvblues.com), a buddy comedy set and shot on Martha’s Vineyard in 2011. He has written three feature length screenplays, including a period drama set in 1930s Germany, a thriller set in modern day New York, and a buddy comedy about Native American heritage set on Nantucket. But the people with the real talent that make this all possible are shown below. These are their stories. Or at least their photos. Or, ok, stills of shots of them. Look you get the idea - just check them out, ok?

Mark Kiefer

Writer, Director, Producer

Liam McNeill


Eddie Nason


Taylor West


Richard Wingert


Jason Reulet

Actor, Director, Producer

Ross Levanto


Bertie Cayzer


Arianna Danae