New Salem Cider

A Massachusetts-themed promotional campaign for a local artisanal hard cider business.

Located on a beautiful farm in Western Massachusetts near the Quabbin Reservoir, New Salem Cider makes its artisanal hard cider from apples grown on heirloom apple trees, sorting and washing the apples by hand and relying on an antique press to extract the juice, so their ciders are made in individual batches, pressed as the apples reach peak ripeness.  The cider is aged in a temperature controlled barn throughout the spring and summer for flavor development and natural carbonation, and this slow, cool aging ensures a brilliantly clear cider without the need for filtration.

New Salem Cider asked Mark Kiefer Creative to help them develop and produce a promotional campaign, using a “Boston Bros” theme to help attract visitors from Boston to their picturesque but relatively remote location.  Our first spot was designed to be entertaining as well as educational, and our second spot, launched the following year, was intended to attract visitors in the spring – before the start of the traditional cider season – to enjoy the spectacular bloom of apple blossoms that takes over the orchard and signals that the new apple crop is not far behind.